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It is difficult to meet the woman of your dream while walking a dog or during some other regular activity. It is hard to meet such a woman on someone’s birthday because adults usually know all the friends of your friends. Someone even feels bad when going out, so the chances to a lucky meeting decrease to the critical point.

LoveSwans Review - How To Find The Mate For Life

It is difficult to meet the woman of your dream while walking a dog or during some other regular activity. It is hard to meet such a woman on someone’s birthday because adults usually know all the friends of your friends. Someone even feels bad when going out, so the chances to a lucky meeting decrease to the critical point.

But, we all know for sure that life will be cold and dark without a soulmate. A beautiful and kind companion, who will know what is understanding, respect, and love. How can we find that companion?

LoveSwans dating site knows how it hurts to live without love. This platform helps people to find their perfect matches for 5 years. If you want to give this dating site a try, our LoveSwans review will give you some info about how that site works and how to become .

LoveSwans dating - how does it work?

Swans mate for life. The team of LoveSwans site believes that it is possible for us too. Moreover, it is vitally important. If you love this idea, you might love this dating service too, but before making a decision to try it, let’s dig into details.

The main question you should answer before going to Love Swans is: do you want a Slavic wife? This is an important question because you can meet only Slavic women on this website. If you are interested in their fantastic beauty, moral values, and kind nature, you will definitely get the happiness on this dating platform.

How can you become a user of LoveSwans website?

The registration takes several minutes, and it is perfect for such websites. You need not spend an hour to pass a huge test. You should give only:

  • The gender of your date. Love Swans understands that all people should have a perfect love. You will be able to choose the partner having the same gender that you have.
  • Your name, password, and mail.

After those steps, you should confirm your email, and then pass a short test. In the test you should:

  • Note, why you are on the website. Are you there to find a Russian mail-order bride? Or maybe to become a good travel companion for anyone? Do you want the long-term relationship or flirt is more preferable for you?
  • Choose what features you want to see in your date. LoveSwans website allows you to pick all the appearance details. If your ideal woman brunette? Has she green eyes and is she tall? Does she like children or does she want to have any? You can create the ideal portrait of your dream.
  • Describe your appearance and features of character. The points that you note in this part of the test will help the girls to find you.
  • Upload the profile photo. You can either make a photo with your web-camera or upload a file from your PC.

The moderators will check your profile, and you will get the possibility to search for your ideal partner. All the profiles are checked by the website’s team so you can be sure that the people you will talk with are real. But, you still can get a refusal, so read Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to be fully equipped to the activity on the dating platform.

You can skip the test if you want to, and fill in all the gaps in your profile later.

Communication on LoveSwans site

LoveSwans singles are pretty active so you may get several letters within several hours after the registration. But, you can communicate with them only with the profile filled and photo uploaded.

On Love Swans you can:

Take advantage of a Search tool.

  • Talk with anyone through messages.
  • Call to any member of the website.
  • Upload and send videos in messages.
  • Request a contact information of a user.
  • Use translation service.
  • Ask Support team for help 24/7.

LoveSwans review of services

Translation service is one of the most useful ones on this site. This is easy to find a common language with a Slavic beauty if you do not know Russian or she does not know your language. The team of professionals will translate any message you want, so you will send and get the accurate texts.

Sending gifts is also a good thing when it comes to courting a lady. You can send things, flowers, fragrances, etc.

Organization of dates is a unique and incredible service. Only several dating companies offer such a service, and Love Swans is one of them. If you would like to visit your Ukrainian or Russian girl, you can ask the website’s team to help you with organizing your date.

Subscription plans and membership on LoveSwans site

There are four types of membership on this dating website. Once registered, you become a basic membership owner. You get the possibility to view the profiles of LoveSwans singles but cannot talk with them. The communication is allowed only for the next three membership owners:

  • Classic
  • Prime
  • Club

The difference between them is the price of the services (translation, gifts, etc.) The higher the level you have, the lower the cost of those services will be. You should know that you should buy membership once a month - if you want to, of course.

How much does it cost to use LoveSwans services?

LoveSwans site is one of those platforms that prefer to use their own “currency”. It is called “credits”. To use the services of this dating website, you should buy the credits. Their cost is:

  • You can buy 20 credits for 2.99 USD. Such a cost is available only for the newcomers, who make the very first purchase.
  • 50 credits will cost you $19.99
  • 125 credits cost is $44.99
  • 250 credits cost is $69.99
  • 750 credits cost is $149.99

After purchasing a needed amount of credits, you can do everything you want on the website. You can:

  • Start a talk with any person
  • Send virtual and real gifts
  • Like the profile
  • Add profiles to Favorites or blacklist them, etc.

LoveSwans review - pros and cons

The complete data safety, attentive support team, and well-designed site make Love Swans a good place to communicate. You can relax there and make no immediate decisions under the pressure of payment or society. The website offers the services for reasonable prices, and it is you, who choose whether to pay the dating platform or not. There you can find your perfect match among LoveSwans singles and make a perfect couple.


  • Very short registration process (5 minutes approximately)
  • Videos uploading is allowed and encouraged
  • Great Search tool
  • Translation and sending gifts services are available
  • All the users are obliged to verify the identity


  • You cannot talk with other users without payment (only browsing the profiles is allowed)
  • There are only Slavic women there
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