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They wait for you

It is difficult to meet the woman of your dream while walking a dog or during some other regular activity. It is hard to meet such a woman on someone’s birthday because adults usually know all the friends of your friends. Someone even feels bad when going out, so the chances to a lucky meeting decrease to the critical point.


Russian Mail-Order Brides – Best Wives From A Far-Away Country

What do most people know about Russian women? They are considered to be incredibly attractive, that is a fact. What else makes them so popular among men from all around the globe? Why are they special? Are they the best girlfriends and wives? Why choose them?

In this review, we will answer these questions by telling you everything you need to know about these mystery ladies from cold Russia.

Is it true that Slavic women are the best wives?

This is the question of great interest to most men who are looking for a serious relationship with someone truly special. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to it, mostly because every man has his own idea of a perfect lady and a happy family. So how to find out whether a Slavic girl would be a good wife for you?

We gathered all the information about Russian girls (no myths, just facts) that will help you decide if you really want to marry one of them. We will tell you more about their traits, values, habits, hobbies, interests, and priorities, counter the most widespread stereotypes, and describe a few useful tips that will help you any Slavic girl’s heart!

Things you need to know about Eastern European women

There are a few most significant things you need to know about Slavic women.

They hate living boring life

This is good news for every man who does not want to marry someone who is thinking only about household chores. They will not just sit on a sofa and watch TV – Russian girls like to travel, like to learn and know something new, like to meet new people, so you will never be bored with her!

They are great mothers

Russian women really love children. Wedding with a Russian bride is the beginning of a new life – life with your best friend, passionate woman, loyal companion, and loving mother. However, you need to take into account the fact that there are very few childfree among them, so there is a chance that she will not appreciate the fact that you do not want kids.

They are the best homemakers

Russian ladies usually keep their homes cozy and clean. Moreover, they are also good cooks. You can expect her to be a perfect housewife, but do not think that she will be your servant. They do their best and make a lot of efforts to make a home a cozy place, and they want them to be appreciated.

They are intelligent

Some might say that marrying a mail-order bride means living life with a beautiful but narrow-minded girl. Well, in some cases this is probably true, but not when it comes to Russian ladies. They are well-educated and intelligent, and they really can pique your interest not only because they are beautiful but also because they are smart. Do not listen to people who consider them to be narrow-minded. Education in post-Soviet countries is still good.

They are passionate

Yes, they are passionate, and no, they are not easy. Some people think that Eastern European women are cold. That is not true. They are loving, romantic, and passionate, but only a special man sees this. They just do not demonstrate this to everyone.

Stereotypes about Slavic women – Things you should and should not believe

There are two types of national stereotypes: things that are mostly true, and things that are nonsense. How to distinguish them? We will describe each of the existing stereotypes about Russian ladies and help you find out which of them are true and which are not.

Are they easy?

No. You cannot just say “Hi, I’m Edward, I live in the USA and I’m rich” to win her heart. She wants to know you better to decide if she really wants to be with you. Do not rush things and avoid dirty talks – she will not appreciate that.

Are they beautiful?

Yes. It is considered that Russian women are incredibly beautiful, and that is true. Just view the profiles on any dating website with real women to make sure that most of them are beauties. However, most men think that there are a lot of blondes with blue eyes among them, but this is the incorrect assumption. There are plenty of girls with dark hair and dark eyes in Russia, so, if you like brunettes, this is good news.

They cannot imagine their life without high heels, short skirts and tons of makeup?

No. The times when such ‘style’ was popular among Slavic women are long gone. Now they wear jeans and hoodies, natural makeup and easy updos like buns and ponytails.

Are they gold-diggers?

No. Of course, a lot of them want to live better lives, but this does not mean that you can buy any of them. Finding a good, not rich husband is their main goal. They want to meet a reliable, nice and romantic man to start a family, no more than that. Money is an advantage, not the key to her heart.

Do they want to start a traditional family?

Yes. Russian girls are pretty conservative. Most of them are raised in traditional families, where dad is the breadwinner, and mom is a homemaker. We do not claim that this is the rule without exceptions, but the vast majority of Russian ladies think that traditional roles in the family are the best ones.

Are they submissive?

No. If you are looking for a submissive woman who will do everything what you tell her to do without any objection, you are in the wrong place. They are women seeking men to start a serious relationship. Every girl wants a strong man who will respect her, not a man who will give orders.

Are they rude?

No. But they are quite straightforward. If she doesn't like something, she will wait a bit hoping that you change your behavior, and then tell you about her feelings. This is not the worst strategy, actually. Marriages where spouses are hiding their emotions all the time often end in divorce.

Tips on building a happy relationship with Russian mail-order brides

You can find lots of Russian women personals on trustworthy online dating sites. The question is how to win a girl’s heart and how to start a happy relationship with someone who has a different cultural background. The good news is that there are some useful tips that will help you avoid common mistakes and live a happy life with your beauty from cold far-away Russia.

  • Give compliments. Women adore compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate that she is with you, express your feelings and emotions, and she will be grateful for this.
  • Do not lie to her. Russian girls hate liars. They are very straightforward and honest, and they expect the same from you. Of course, you should not tell her that she gained a few pounds, but be completely honest with her if you are discussing something really serious.
  • Treat her well. Even if you are rich like Rockefeller and handsome like Brad Pitt, she will not be with you if you treat her bad. She will never put up with disrespect, lies or cheating.
  • Help her. We have mentioned that Russian girls are the best housewives and homemakers. That is true, but helping her with cleaning or with kids is always a good idea. You do not have to clean the whole house, but if you do the dishes after dinner, she will really appreciate this.
  • Get her small cute gifts. Russian ladies want attention that can be expressed in any way, from hugs in the morning to sweet little gifts. You do not have to get her a diamond necklace every Sunday, just get her a nice bouquet or sweets and say you love her. No woman can resist such things.

Russian mail-order brides - Conclusion

Today men have a chance to find lots of Russian women personals online. This is a great opportunity for every single guy to find an attractive, loving, and caring wife and start a strong, happy family with her. Just do not believe in ‘wrong’ stereotypes about Slavic woman and develop the effective strategy of dating. You do not have to do anything extraordinary to win a Russian lady’s affection: just be a man she can rely on.

Do not hesitate to initiate communication and show your interest, but do not rush things. These girls are wonderful: they are beautiful, honest, romantic, elegant, passionate, and a little mysterious. They are single women seeking men, and this is good news for men from all countries. More importantly, one of them will change your life and make you happy, so do not miss your chance.