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Top Mail-Order Bride Sites – All You Need To Know To Choose The Best Platform
Russian Cupid

Russian Cupid dating site is a part of a huge family of similar sites. Those sites differ with the nationality of girls they are focused on. For example, there are JapanCupid, ThaiCupid, ChinaLoveCupid that allow men to communicate with ladies of Japan, Thailand or China respectively.

Kiss Russian Beauty
Plenty Of Fish
Victoria Brides

Top Mail-Order Bride Sites – All You Need To Know To Choose The Best Platform

If you tired of being single and think about finding a mail-order bride overseas, the first thing you need is the best dating site with top-quality services and a lot of real profiles. If you Google “Russian women best sites,” you will see a lot of different platforms that claim to be the best dating platform ever. How to make the right choice and join a trustworthy one? How to avoid spammers, scammers, and loss of personal data? In this article, you will find useful recommendations on finding the best dating site with lots of Russian beauties.

Why choose top Russian women sites?

It may seem that dating sites are not necessary anymore: why use fee-based services if we have free social networks? However, the demand for such services is not weakening. On the contrary, it is constantly growing for plenty of reasons. Dating websites have a lot of advantages over any other platforms, and each of them is described below.

They connect people who have the same goals

Why people use Facebook or other social networks? All of them have different motives, actually. Some use it like a constantly updating newspaper with interesting publications, some want to keep in touch with their friends and relatives, etc. In other words, everyone has his or her own goals. On the dating website, you meet thousands of single, like-minded people who seek love and relationship. Consequently, the chances of finding someone special increase significantly.

Members are interested in long relationship

Of course, there are dating sites that are aimed at connecting people seeking affairs, but mail-order bride top sites have a different purpose. They help people find someone special to start a family. According to statistics, such marriages are even stronger than marriages between people who met each other in real life.

Reasonable prices

If you want to marry a Russian girl and find her in real life, you will have to visit Russia, and this is pricey. Moreover, you will have to spend a lot of money without guarantees. The chances that you will meet a special girl without moving to Russia are really low. Best mail-order bride sites, in turn, mostly have reasonable billing policies with fixed prices for certain services.

Lots of beautiful women

There are thousands of gorgeous Slavic girls on over the counter Russian women sites. Moreover, most of them provide users with an opportunity to search for their perfect matches by using various filters, from hair color to education. Do you l like thin blondes with blue eyes or tall girls with dark hair, you will find lots of them on the trustworthy website.

Various ways of communicating

The times when people could only send text messages online are long gone. Today the largest and the most reliable dating platforms provide their clients with plenty of top-quality communication tools including text chat, video transmitting, video chat, liking profiles, showing interest, sending letters, sending gifs (virtual or real ones), and so on and so forth. In other words, these sites offer the members everything they need to enjoy communication to the fullest, no matter what is the distance between them.


The trustworthy platforms pay a lot of attention to the security issue and use only the most effective data security systems. A website protects everything a client provides it with, from his or her personal information like the photo and video materials to payment details.

How to choose top Russian women site?

How to develop an effective strategy that will help you find the best site? Well, it is easier than it seems. There are a few simple steps you need to take to choose the platform that will meet all your demands.

  • What goals do you have? Do you want a relationship, a family, friendship, or flirt? It should be noticed that there are platforms that meet all possible demands and provide users with plenty of opportunities to enjoy all types of communication.
  • Do you want to meet a Russian lady? If you want to meet a girl from Russia, choose the sites with Slavic girls only. If you are also interested in ladies of other nationalities, choose the platform with broader target groups that also include women from other countries, for instance, Asian ones.
  • Are you ready to pay for the dating services, and if you are, how much you are going to spend? It is not a secret that most of the services provided by the large platforms are pay-to-use. There are also free websites, but there are no guarantees that the profiles there are real. If you are ready to spend some money to meet the right girl, compare the billing policies of different sites to find out which platform is a good option for you.
  • Did you check the customer’s reviews? You can find a lot of real-life review on our website. We have selected the largest and most trustworthy platforms to analyze the ways they work in thoroughly.
  • Have you compared the top Russian women sites? The thing is that you need to choose the website you really like. Even if the platforms provide the same range of services, ask yourself which of them you like more. No matter what criteria you choose, even if you like the design of one site more, choose it. After all, you are going to spend some time there.

After you answer all questions mentioned above, you can select the site and analyze it carefully. There are some of the most important things you should take into account:

  1. Registration procedure. Is it free, quick and easy? Most of the trustworthy platforms do not make it too complicated: a member usually needs to provide basic information including valid email address.
  2. Profile verification. If the website does not verify accounts, it may be a bad idea to join it. The large platforms with lots of members usually moderate all new profiles to make a website free from frauds and spammers.
  3. Quality of profiles. Pay attention to the quality of profiles. Reliable platforms usually encourage the users to fill out their profiles completely, upload photos and video materials, and to describe themselves and partners they are looking for. This allows finding the most suitable matches for every member. Moreover, some of the best over-the-counter mail-order bride sites even offer female members free professional photographing.
  4. Usability of the website. The user-friendly interface and good design matter more than people usually think. You will spend at least a few months on the website before you meet someone special, and it should be easy to use.
  5. Search options. The high-quality dating sites usually provide users with an opportunity to use various filters to find the best candidates.
  6. Number and quality of communication services. Though on most of mail-order bride websites such services are not free of charge, they are exactly what makes the dating platforms popular. Famous and fast-growing platforms provide their clients with top-quality communication tools, including video chat, text chat, sending letters, sending various virtual and real gifts, getting a member’s contact information, etc. Some dating sites even offer the high-quality translation services that allow members to interact without language barrier.

Of course, such an analysis will take some time. However, the results are absolutely worth it. If you are looking for real Russian beauties, you need to choose the best website that will meet all your demands. Check the platforms’ basic and special features, pricing and privacy policies, carefully read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section and choose the top websites. If you want to accelerate the process, compare the platforms on our site. We have already selected the best trustworthy dating service providers with lots of Russian beauties.

Best over the counter mail-order bride sites – Summary

Which site to choose? Are the pay-to-use dating websites better than the free ones? How to compare dating sites to select the best one? These questions may seem pretty tough, but in fact, choosing the good platform is not as complicated as you may think. You just need to follow the simple steps described above.

Choose a reputable site that has reasonable prices, good data security system, provides a wide range of services from advanced search to text chat and video chat, and pay attention to profiles. The good news is that signing up to most of such websites is completely free. This, in turn, means that you can test the free services and look through a lot of women’ profiles before you pay for the services.