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How to impress a Russian girl and get the best wife in a few months?

Russians never smile. Have you heard such an opinion? Of course, this is a joke, but there is some truth in this it. Sometimes she is so severe that it seems like nothing can surprise or please her. But we asked experts and prepared some ideas for you on how to get this type of women.

How to impress a Russian girl on a dating platform?

They always wanted to marry a foreigner, even several centuries ago. These women are willing to contact you if you write them a message on a dating platform. But we have different cultural features then you do. So, you should consider several rules for communicating with Russian women online. We asked girls themselves what exactly they like or dislike in dealing with foreign men.

  • How to avoid being boring? It is worth clarifying that when they talk about it, they mean even the little things. If you write to them, “Hi! How are you?”, few will respond to this message.
  • How to make a girl feel special? Start a conversation with something more interesting. Read the description in her profile and comment on this by highlighting what you like.
  • How to impress a Russian woman? Do not make vulgar compliments. You better start talking about her preferences and focus on her personality.
  • How to keep the optimal tempo while starting a relationship? Russian girls always slow you down if you rush it. It is their cultural peculiarity.

How to impress a Russian woman when you see her first time?

When it comes to a first date, you don’t have to worry too much. Firstly, they are not spoiled. Secondly, if she agreed to meet with you, then she already likes you. But for her to enjoy the first date, you should make inquiries about what these ladies prefer. Here are some dating a Russian girl tips.

They are accustomed to banal and elegant dates. Take her to a good restaurant, and she will be happy. You should conduct the most relaxed and straightforward conversation. Especially if its English is not perfect.

Do not choose extreme activities for the first date. The same goes for everything related to physical activity. That’s not what impresses a girl. If you think this is a good idea, ask her in advance about it and do not make such surprises.

If she came to you in another country, you are fortunate. She will get an unforgettable experience. Even if you do not make a particular entertainment program. Take all day to see the city, visit the most exciting places, and have a good time as tourists.

Tips on dating a Russian woman in real life

Let’s talk about what to do on a first date with her. When you meet a girl or you are already married to her, you should also remember the qualities of the Russian soul. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to get along with each other. It can be because you look at the world differently. But for this, it is enough to be devoted to each other and accept your other half as it is.

At first, it won’t be like a healthy relationship. You will be in love with her, but something will be missing. The worse she knows the language, the more this will manifest itself. But over time, you will see that you become closer and begin to understand each other. It is how adaptation to another culture takes place, and you should be tolerant of it.

How to impress a woman or at least do not make it worse? You should not put pressure on her about decisions or actions, because she hates it. She can often end a conflict with resentment or refuse to solve problems. In this case, you should be wise and ask her to tell you about what upsets her. If you ignore her displeasure, this will become a real problem.


Dating a Russian girl can be difficult. But if you are in love and want to live life with each other, this will not become an obstacle to you. Besides, if you wish this, all these differences in mentality will only be an occasion to joke. Be bolder and start looking for your beautiful wife right now!

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