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What it is like to have a Russian wife?

Only a confident and strong man can have this type of woman. They are beautifully described even in Hollywood films: strong, self-confident, incredibly beautiful, hot, and ... They are also devoted wives and excellent mothers. Let's find out what your life will turn into if you decide to connect it with a Russian wife.

Pros and cons of this type of women

Do Russian women make good wives? Well, she knows how to cook, sew or knit. And also knows all Russian literature. This lady has one or several higher educations. Same for personal achievements! And she has a strong desire to get married and start a family.

A real Russian wife can do anything! But they cannot be compared. Because they are all different. Modest and sweet, intense and persistent, purposeful and active, quiet and kind. But let's try to highlight the most common qualities:

  • She will be faithful and jealous. You should not start a conversation in private with your old friend or your ex. And if you do, the broken dishes are guaranteed.
  • She will be interesting and educated. If you’re looking for a Russian wife, you should know that most Russian girls are excellent conversationalists when talking about serious topics. Your parents or your boss at the corporate party will like her.
  • She will charm everyone with her beauty. Your neighbor will envy you and peek over the fence when your wife from Russia goes outside. They have not only incredible beauty but also this very feminine vibe.
  • She will respect you. A woman needs to show you and your people around her love and care for you - that is typical of Russian women's culture. She will always clean the house to shine before the arrival of guests and will praise you at all.

Marriage and life with beautiful Russian wife

Despite all the advantages of living with them, you should understand what it is like to be her husband. We asked the men who married Russian wifes more than five years ago, and they told us their stories. Well, the latter was not only happy romantic stories but also the ones full of difficulties faced and overcome.

Understanding Russian women is not easy. There are cultural features to consider. Girls from post-Soviet countries do differ from American and European women! They need to get used to a completely different language structure. Also, girls from Russia are not accustomed to the local manner of communication. For example, small talks common in the USA are utterly unusual for them. They may seem closed and uncommunicative, but in reality, this is not true.

Russian women for marriage have a deep inner world. You will have to understand her feelings. Plus, talk about it and solve the problems of your relationship. If she suspects that you do not understand her position or do not support her, this will become a problem for you. They also like to talk on serious topics. So they feel bored if everyone around them is talking about a football match or a new shopping center.

Russian women are the best. So, if you both are tolerant and try to find a common language, this will help her to adapt. They are smart, so these ladies just need time to adopt the habits of people with different mentality.

How to get a Russian wife?

As you have already understood, to interest her, you need to surprise her. She has many suitors, but if you follow our rules, you will be out of the competition. We have compiled essential tips so that you can easily and quickly like her on the mail order bride websites. Girls here willingly get to know these platforms. So, you have every chance to marry one of them soon - now find out how to get a Russian wife.

  1. Start your conversation with a compliment. Say something nice about her musical taste or Russian women characteristics, not about her body. For example, say that you like her favorite artist or that she radiates attractive energy when you look at her photo.
  2. Be decisive. Do not hesitate in making decisions because Russian women love brave men. If you find a suitable Russian wife, ask for her phone number after 1-2 weeks of correspondence.
  3. Don’t rush. They like to choose the moment when you will be ready to do everything for her. These women are sage.
  4. Respect her and treat her with small gestures. Russian girls for marriage will not understand you if you don't give flowers on a first date or hold a door. They love gentlemen and care.


You can quickly get a Russian wife today if you understand their nature and preferences. We hope that these tips have helped you deal with the problematic Russian mentality. And now you are fully armed for the battle for her heart! Do not hesitate and start your search right now because many hunt the most beautiful women. Do not forget to tell us your romantic story later!

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