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How Do I Court A Russian Lady?

There are thousands of stunning Russian ladies on dating websites. That is the half the battle, but you need to win it all. How to make her choose you among a lot of other men? How to win her heart? If you are going just to buy a bride, you might not be interested in the information below, but if you want to start a serious relationship with a Slavic girl, who will truly love you, read it carefully. These useful tips will help you pique her interest, win her affection, and what is also important, avoid fatal mistakes.

Do’s of dating a Russian woman

Give genuine compliments. This is probably the simplest and the most useful tip on dating girl of any nationality, and Russian women are not an exception. If you really like a girl, do not hesitate to tell her why she is the best woman to you.

  • Be romantic. This does not mean that you should get her hundreds of roses, take her to Paris on a private plane or do anything like that. Just be romantic like a guy who wants to win a woman’s heart. Get her a small cute gift, take her to a good restaurant, or at least tell her how you feel about her, wish her good morning or good evening if you keep in touch online.
  • Ask her about her life. Slavic girls always listen to men, but they also want them to show interest not only in their beauty but also in their inner world. Ask her about her life, interests, priorities, try to know her better. This will not only allow you to know if she is a woman you are looking for but also show a girl that you really care and like her personality.
  • Act like a real man. Russian girls are raised in traditional families and live in a traditional society that avoided the influence of many western trends, in particular feminism. She will expect you to take her coat, pay a bill in a restaurant, open the door and so on and so forth. These girls act like ladies and expect men to behave like gentlemen.
  • Respect her culture. There is one paradox about Russian women: they do not mind moving to another country to live with a loving husband, but they do love their motherland and culture. Do not show disrespect to any cultural aspects from cuisine to patterns of behavior. That does not mean that you have to suffer quietly if you do not like something, just be polite when you tell her anything about her culture.
  • Be sincere. Russian girls are pretty straightforward and honest, and they expect the same from you. Do not lie to her or hide your real feelings – she will not appreciate that. Every Russian lady believes that true love and strong relationships are built only on the basis of mutual respect and honesty.
  • Be confident. Russian women are beauties, everyone knows that. There is a chance that your lady will pique the interest of many men, and there is the only one right strategy in such a situation. Just be confident and trust her. If she is with you, she likes you. If she likes you, she does not care how many men would like to ask her out.

Don’ts of dating a Russian woman

  • Don’t be rude or aggressive. Yes, Russian women like confident men who know what they want and achieve success. No, they do not like aggressive men that behave like they are the kings of the world. If you want to win her heart, just be yourself and be nice. Do not try to impress her with an aggressive behavior.
  • Do not be too nervous. Sometimes it is hard to cope with the excitement of seeing a gorgeous girl. Just try to relax and be yourself. Do not try to win her affection by telling her awkward jokes or pretending an alpha male. You both will have a good time if you act like nothing extraordinary is happening.
  • Do not push on her. Some men think that Russian girls are easy. Well, that is not exactly true. Sex talks are not the best idea if you want to win her heart or at least keep your communication going.
  • Do not act like a womanizer. Telling her about your numerous exes or acting like any girl can be yours if you want that is not the best idea for first, second, or any other date with a Russian lady. Confidence is good, overconfidence is a disaster. Be respectful, polite and nice and she will not be able to resist you.
  • As you can see, you should not do anything extraordinary to win a Russian woman’s affection. They do not need anything extraordinary or special. Just show her that you respect her, be romantic and treat her well, and she will appreciate that.
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