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How to win a Russian girl trust and understand her emotions?

It is not surprising that almost all men who are married to these women or are going to do this ask this question. We have too different mentalities to converge with ease. Someone has an atypical character for their origin. Some have to explore the culture of their soulmate to establish a relationship. This can be either an exciting adventure or a complete failure. Let’s see what tips can help you with a Russian woman.

How they are different from everyone else?

Women from post-Soviet countries behave like each other. But they are so different from Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. It all starts with differences in our languages.

From time to time, you can ask “Do Russian women love me?” It’s just because you don’t understand them. Russian and English have a completely different language structure. And the first one is more complicated. It has many rules that are sometimes incomprehensible even to the Russians themselves. English is easier to learn, so many young people in Russia speak English.

As for the distinguishing features of Russian girls, here we can highlight several key ones. First, they do not like to share their man with anyone: with friends, other women, or with his mother. They need absolute love from you and do not tolerate it when you pay attention to someone else than her.

Secondly, they are also jealous and that’s how they show Russian women love. They have no faith in a friendship between a man and a woman. So it will hinder your communication with friends if you have any. If you cheat on her, we’re even afraid to guess what she will do ... Huh!

Thirdly, Russian girls are vulnerable and touchy. If you do not pay attention to her feelings or offend this woman, she will be very upset. And, most likely, she will not try to explain this to you but will wait until you guess to ask her.

This is a typical Russian trait. Instead of solving a situation that she does not like, she will wait for the first step from you. And she will be terribly offended if you never make it. You should simply accept this character trait and immediately ask her what upsets her. Then she will make contact and will discuss your problems with you. Sometimes you will ask yourself “Is Russian girl for me?” But, in a minute, you’ll know the answer!

Top 5 rules for communicating with her

When we learned a little about what you should expect from a Russian girl, we made some tips on how to deal with this. Keep in mind that not every one of them has these character traits, someone may be the exact opposite. So, these rules will suit you if you recognize your Russian wife in these descriptions.

  • Be patient.This is the main rule of marriage with a typical Russian girl. You will have to explain your feelings about the problem until you get a common solution.
  • Make concessions. Fine Russian women love caring and masculinity. Let her be a moody girl and try to console her.
  • Treat her. Russian girls love manifestations of love and care. Coffee in bed, flowers, and small surprises can really please her.
  • Help her. It may not be easy for your Russian wife to adapt to a completely new environment. So do not wait until she walks this path herself and support her at all stages.
  • Discuss your concerns. Do not be silent and tell her everything that bothers you in a relationship. Motivate her to share her thoughts and feelings with you!

How to conquer a Russian girl online?

How to make a Russian woman fall in love with you? They receive a lot of male attention on the site. But you just adhere to these rules to interest her and win her heart. So what do you need to do?

  1. Write to her in an interesting way. Text her that you are also a fan of her favorite band or you also like snowboarding. Read her profile description and pay attention to those things that interest you.
  2. How to tell if a Russian girl is in love with you? Ask her about her and talk about yourself. The conversation should be interesting for both.
  3. Be decisive. If you have been texting for several weeks now and you see that she is interested in you, invite her to phone. All proposals to move to the next stage should be initiated by you!


At first, it may not be easy for you to understand a Russian woman. You should rather feel her mood and understand her well without words. If you are truly in love, this will help you create the perfect marriage with her. If you are a confident man and you are not afraid of hot mysterious women, hurry up in search of your Russian wife!

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