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Things Russian Beauties Like And Do Not Like About Men

There are lots of beautiful Russian women online. Any man can sign up to one of the dating sites and start looking for his special lady from the far-away country, but the question is what kind of men Russian beauties really like? Is it possible to win one of these ladies hearts without developing special strategies? Let us find it out.

Things Russian women like about men

They do not want anything extraordinary from you. Most of these gorgeous ladies just want to meet a good guy to start a serious relationship and then a family. Still, there are some things they appreciate most.

  • Good sense of humor. Most Russian ladies have one important criterion when searching for a special man. They want him to have a great sense of humor, and that is understandable. No one wants to be bored when spending time with his or her partner. People are usually looking for a person who will make them smile and cheer them up without any difficulty. If you have a good sense of humor, you have a huge advantage over incredibly serious and boring guys who are trying to impress a girl with their money and professional success only.
  • Respect for a woman. If you think that you can just purchase a Russian lady, you are terribly wrong. Although there are very few feminists among these girls, they still want men to show some respect not because they are ladies but because they are personalities. Respect her, her culture and language, her family, and you will win her heart without difficulty.
  • Honesty. Russian women are quite straightforward. They do not want to hide their feelings and emotions, and they hate lies in any form. No wonder they expect the same from you. Be honest and sincere, and you two will find common grounds easily.
  • Motivation and ambitions. Russian beauties have already met a lot of men who want and need nothing in their own country, so do not be this kind of guy. Man is attractive when he wants to achieve success and knows how to achieve this. Do not hesitate to tell her about your plans and life goals, Russian girls like men with ambitions!
  • Good manners. Just treat her well and show that you have good manners. Unfortunately, not all men in Russia do that so this can help you win her heart. Do not act like you do not really care about her, and be nice, and she will like you. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Things Russian beauties do not like about men

  • Do not be rude. The very fact that you are a man, even if you are a successful man, does not give you the right to give a woman orders or be rude with her. Russian girls just hate that. Your power, strength, confidence, and leadership are your advantages, just do not turn them into the disadvantages.
  • Do not be selfish. People say that we are all egoists, and maybe this is true, but that does not mean that you should demonstrate your ego. If you are dating a beautiful and intelligent girl, talking about yourself, your talents and your successes is not a good idea. She will notice your good qualities anyway, so do not advertise yourself too much.
  • Do not drink too much. A Russian lady will probably drink a glass of wine or two with you, but drinking a bottle of whiskey would be a wrong step. Unfortunately, many Russian men are heavy drinkers, and she does not want to date a foreigner who has the same bad habit.
  • Do not talk about sex. Some people consider Russian beauties to be easy, but that is not true. Dirty talks are exactly what she will not like about you. Moreover, they are likely to be the end of your relationship unless you two are really close. Do not rush into things with her, and one day you will be rewarded.
  • Do not be irresponsible. She does not want a boy, she wants a man. If you are not ready to take responsibility, how you expect her to start a serious relationship with you?
  • Do not talk about your exes. Even if you are a playboy, a real womanizer who wants to settle down and start a family, do not tell her about your exes. She will not appreciate that.

To sum up, Russian ladies do not want something extra special. They just want to meet a good husband and start a happy family with him. Act like a good man, and you will win her heart without any difficulty.

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